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At and about the start

September 30, 2011

Back when I was born, my father was in the Army Air Force.  I guess this makes me an Air Force Brat at birth.

We lived a lot of places.  I think we moved 8 times before I was in kindergarten.  There’s pictures of me with my great-grandparents, but I don’t remember any of them except Abe.  My Mother’s, father’s father, who had emigrated from Russia back in the 1800’s.  He lived until I was about 15 – probably way into triple digits.  He had escaped from the Czar’s army where they used Jews as cannon fodder.  He made his way across Eastern and Western Europe, and caught a freighter to NYC.  I never learned how he did it, but had little or no money.  My father said he as a real bastard until his last 10 years when he was getting ready to meet the Angel of Death.  He read Torah at my Bar-Mitzvah, and that is the only time I ever heard applause in a synagogue.

My grandfather’s parents on my father’s side came from Austria.  I’ve seen pictures of the castle they left behind.  The grabbed what jewels and possessions they could and ran before the pogroms to the US.  Or family, since then, had had a reputation as barkeeps and inn owners up to my grandfather’s generation.  My Father’s brother has an old bottle with a model of a bar in it which has been passed down over the years.  My firstborn will probably get it as my Uncle is his godfather and he doesn’t like me since I dumped my last wife.  More on wives later.

I have 3 kids.  One with my second wife, I adopted one of my 3rd wife’s kids, and I raised her other child from the age of 7.  The oldest is single, and he, apparently, is somewhat of a financial genius, working for one of the big firms.  My second is a Woman with 2 beautiful boys (the grandchildren!) And a husband.  They’re into Civil War re-enactment.  My youngest works for Halliburton, as an engineer.  Poor child is 25, no girlfriends, 6’6″, handsome and is bitching about only making $75K this year.  I told him the violin is so small he can’t see it.

Again, more later.

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